TOP 10 sexiest Mature women with hot Skinny bodies

I have a thing for and I’m sure it’s something more of you can relate to. There’s really nothing hotter than a woman who has aged like fine and the adult industry has lots of them.

Here I have put together a list of the 10 sexiest women with hot bodies. These are the ones that prove that age is just a number and didn’t let age stop them from maintaining a slender figure.

So, enough with the chit chat and let’s get down with the list!

  1. Katie Gold
    9.1 of 10

    First off, we have the gorgeous Katie Gold. Ms. Gold is the beautiful blonde pornstar with a slender and fit body that guys like James Deen can’t resist. She’s been around for quite some time and has made over 300 adult films up to this day. She is slender and looks like she’s been working out to keep that sexy mature ass of hers perfect.

  2. Amanda Blow
    8.5 of 10

    Amanda Blow is the stunning mature blonde with small breasts and an outrageously hot skinny body. She’s been doing porn for almost a decade and has made over 60 adult films. Ms. Blow is already in her mid-40s but she still looks stunning!

  3. JanetMooree
    3.3 of 5

    Next, we have the sexy JanetMooree. She’s a 40-year-old webcam model from Romania who enjoys doing all kinds of fun and kinky things on her webcam show. Ms. JanetMooree is slender, quite athletic, and she is such an amazing dancer.

  4. Honey West
    8.8 of 10

    If you enjoy getting off on mature porn, then you probably already have some of Honey West’s videos on your bookmarks. She is the slender yet bosomy blonde who’s known for her sweet gal looks and outrageously hot pair of knockers.

  5. Payton Leigh
    8.9 of 10

    Payton Leigh started her career in porn at the late age of 37 and was a big hit among fans of mature porn. She looks like your typical stay home housewife, but wait until you see her strip down and show off her athletic slender foundation and show you what she’s all about!

  6. Lake Russell
    8.8 of 10

    Up next, is the fantastic Lake Russell. Ms. Russell started her career as an adult performer in 2007 and went on to perform in over 50 scenes. I really don’t know how old she is but I’m guessing she’s already in her 50s. Ms. Russell is beautiful and managed to maintain a sexy slender figure that makes us mature women lovers drool!

  7. India Summer
    8.7 of 10

    Next, we have the gorgeous India Summer. She is an adult performer of English, German, Irish, and Native American descent. Ms. Summer already had a successful career as a mainstream actor and model before she began her career as an adult performer. She’s gorgeous and has an athletic, slender body, no wonder she’s considered one of the hottest MILF pornstars of the last two decades.

  8. Darryl Hanah
    8.4 of 10

    Born in Sacramento, California, Darryl Hanah is a tall blonde with a slender body and a strong resemblance to an actress with a similar sounding name. Ms. Hanah has been doing porn since the mid-2000s and she has appeared in over 300 adult films. She is well-known especially for her work on interracial and mature porn.

  9. FreckledApril
    3.7 of 5

    FreckledApril is a redhead webcam girl from the United States. She’s been doing webcam shows for a while now and she’s popular among fans of mature cams. She’s slender and as her name suggests, she has freckles all over her sexy body!

  10. Celestia Star
    8.7 of 10

    Blue-eyed blonde, Celestia Star was born in London, England. She started her career as an adult performer at the age of 28 and went on to perform in over 100 adult film titles. Ms. Star is skinny and quite busty, the type of mature woman we’ve often fantasize about.

But that’s not all. We have some girls that didn’t make it but they’re worth mentioning and I’ve decided to include them as well as a bonus.

Brandi Lyons
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brandi Lyons started her career as an adult performer in 1999. She has made over 400 scenes and has worked with numerous adult production companies and websites. Ms. Lyons is slender, has brown hair, and an outrageously hot ass that is considered to be one of the hottest in porn.

Anastasia Pierce
Slender and bosomy, Anastasia Pierce was born in La Chaux-de Fonds, Switzerland. She began her career as an adult performer at the age of 25 and went on to perform in over 400 adult titles. Ms. Pierce is already in her mid-40s but she still managed to maintain a sexy slender figure.

Mikela Kennedy
Mikela Kennedy was born in Biscayne Bay, Florida. She started her career as an adult performer at the age of 45 and became a huge hit among fans of cougar and mature porn. Ms. Kennedy is super-sexy, slender, and has nice 34C tits.

SharonStevens is a webcam model from Romania. She is well-known among fans of mature cams and her shows are some of the highest-rated webcam shows on a popular webcam site. Ms. SharonStevens is slender, weighs 104 lbs (47kg), and has B-cup tits. She is quite a looker and knows how to strut it for her fans.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our list of 10 sexiest mature women with hot skinny bodies. Please feel free to use the comment to discuss or suggest a model that you think should be on the list.