TOP 10 Hottest Mature Women Over 60

The adult entertainment industry, unlike its mainstream counterpart, celebrates women the same way as 18+ teens. Women like Nina Hartley, Deauxma, and Erica Lauren are just some of the best examples of porn stars that refuse to let age stand in their way.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest women over 60.

  1. Joanna Depp
    8.4 of 10

    First on the list, is Joanna Depp. She’s a 64-year-old woman from Hungary with big boobs. Joanna Depp started doing porn at a late of 45 but we can tell that this woman has a lot of mileage when it comes to sex.

  2. Echo Valley
    8.7 of 10

    Echo Valley has been around since forever. She’s a blonde bombshell with a staggering pair of 65NN breasts. Her tits are so HUGE, we’re still amazed at how she managed to carry that thing!

  3. Luna Azul
    8.8 of 10

    Luna Azul is a thick and busty 69-year-old woman from Long Beach, California. She has extensive work experience and she’s known for her work on mature/granny porn. Luna Azul is just a few months shy of turning 70 but has the sexual stamina of a 20-year-old.

  4. Mandi McGraw
    8.6 of 10

    Mandi McGraw is a hefty grandma from California. She started doing porn at the late age of 70 and was an overnight success. Mandi McGraw has curves and a massive pair of jugs that’s really hard to ignore.

  5. Rita Daniels
    9.2 of 10

    At number 6, we have a beautiful and busty 71-year-old woman named Rita Daniels. Like Mandi McGraw, Daniels began appearing in pornographic films and websites at the age of 60 and was an instant hit among fans of mature women/granny porn.

  6. Sally D’Angelo
    9.3 of 10

    Sally D’Angelo is a 66-year-old adult performer from Nashville, Tennessee. She has the total GILF look, wrinkles, and gray hair that makes her look seasoned and super hot.

  7. Deauxma
    8.8 of 10

    Deauxma has been around for some time and it’s hard not to search for mature porn without her name popping out. She’s an adult performer from Bavaria, Germany who also does webcamming and stripping. Deauxma is the kind of mature woman everyone dreams of banging and those huge titties of hers are just mind-blowing.

  8. Erica Lauren
    9.4 of 10

    Erica Lauren is another favorite. She’s been doing porn for almost two decades and she’s quite popular among fans of mature women/GILF. Erica Lauren is not only smoking hot, but she can also do amazing things with the cock!

  9. Dana Hayes
    8.7 of 10

    Next, we have Dana Hayes. She’s the curvy and busty grandma from Ontario, Canada who started doing porn at the age of 49. She has made over 100 scenes and a lot of them involve anal and lesbian sex.

  10. Nina Hartley
    8.6 of 10

    On the top spot, is Nina Hartley which I’m sure doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s a very fuckable over 60 porn star who began appearing in pornographic films in the mid-80s and still actively performs until this day. Nina Hartley is the epitome of GILF and she’s probably the most well-known in that category.

There you have it, our list of the top 10 hottest mature women over 60. If you love the women on the list, then you should also check out these other over 60 ladies below:

Cara Reid
Cara Reid is a 67-year-old adult performer who’s known for her work on mature/GILF porn. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sultry wrinkled body.

Robin Pachino
Next on the list, is Robin Pachino. She’s a 65-year-old adult performer from San Francisco, California. She started her career in the adult industry at the age of 50 and has made over 60 scenes.

Honey Ray
Honey Ray is a big busted adult performer with dark brown hair, tattoos, and piercings. She has worked for numerous mature porn sites and has done some pretty awesome interracial scenes.

Annabelle Brady
Next, we have 65-year-old beauty Annabelle Brady. She began appearing on pornographic websites in 2015 and has worked in both mature and granny porn.

Chery Leigh
Chery Leigh is another sexy over 60 adult performer from the United States. She has a slender and wrinkled body that she still enjoys showing off. Chery Leigh only has 20 titles listed but she’s quite popular among fans of amateur and fetish porn.