TOP 10 most sexiest Mature pornstars and cam-girls over 50

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. It’s hard to believe that some women have still managed to look good in their 50s but it’s true. Some even got hotter once they reached the 50th mark.

Here we have put together a list of the top 10 most sexiest pornstars and . These are the lucky ones that managed to stay sexy and maintain a staying power in the adult entertainment business.

  1. Ginger Lynn
    8.6 of 10

    First, we have the sexy Ginger Lynn. Born in Rockford, Illinois, Ms. Lynn began her career as a nude model and later she went on to become an adult performer in 1984. She has been credited in over 300 adult films. Ms. Lynn is in her late 50s and she has maintained a sexy, voluptuous figure.

  2. Vanessa Videl
    8.8 of 10

    Vanessa Videl is an adult performer from Los Angeles, California. She began her career at the late age of 42 and was an instant hit among fans of mature, MILF, and cougar porn. Ms. Videl has appeared in over 100 adult titles.

  3. Cala Craves
    8.7 of 10

    Okay, next we have Cala Craves. Born in Arizona, USA, Ms. Craves started appearing in pornographic films and websites in 1999. She has over 70 titles listed under her name. We don’t know her what her exact age is but we’re guessing she’s already in her late 50s.

  4. EroticSelena28
    3.9 of 5

    EroticSelena28 is a 53-year-old webcam model from Romania. She has quite a following on numerous webcam sites and well known among fans of mature webcam shows. EroticSelena28’s shows are often described as exciting and very fulfilling by her fans.

  5. Deauxma
    8.8 of 10

    Born in San Antonio, Texas, Deauxma began her career as an adult performer in 2004. She has appeared in over 200 adult films and has worked with numerous websites. Ms. Deauxma is already in her late 50s but she still manages to stay gorgeous and run her website.

  6. Nina Hartley
    8.7 of 10

    Nina Hartley needs no introduction. With over a thousand adult films listed under her name, this 60-year-old porn goddess is easily one of the hottest in the game.

  7. Raquel Devine
    8.9 of 10

    Born in Meridian, Idaho, Raquel Devine began her career as an adult performer in 1997. She has been credited with over 300 titles. Ms. Devine may no longer be doing porn but she is still stunning and she’s been busy with her newfound career as a radio personality.

    4.7 of 5

    HOT_MISTRESS4U is a Latvian webcam model. She’s been doing cam shows for quite a while and she has a huge fan base in and out of Europe. HOT_MISTRESS4U is already in her mid-50s but she still looks hot as fuck and her webcam shows can really go over the top.

  9. Bridgette Lee
    9.1 of 10

    I know it’s hard to believe that Bridgette Lee is already in her 50s but she is. Ms. Lee began her career as an adult performer at the late age of 38 and went on to perform in over 50 adult titles. She is the bosomy blonde with sweet looks and a killer ass that will give those spring chickens in porn a run for their money.

  10. Demi Delia
    9.4 of 10

    Yup, that’s right! Demi Delia is already in her 50s, she is 52 years old to be exact. Ms. Delia has been doing porn since the mid-2000s and she has already made over 100 scenes. Ms. Delia no longer does porn these days but she still looks stunning and still works behind the camera as a producer and talent manager under the name Gina Rodriguez.

But that’s not all, we have some women that didn’t make it to the list that we think are worth mentioning.

Payton Leigh
Born in Paso Robles, California, Payton Leigh is an adult performer who has appeared in over 300 adult films. Ms. Leigh has done almost anything from lesbian, interracial, to group sex.

Cara Lott
Cara Lott is an adult performer from Huntington Beach, California. She started appearing in pornographic films in 1981 and has made over 200 scenes throughout her career. Sadly, Ms. Lott passed away last year. She would have been 58 years old this year.

Kristina Cross
Born in Nevada, USA, Kristina Cross is an adult performer. She is known for her work on mature/cougar niches. Ms. Cross is already in her early 50s but she still looks sexy and those 36Cs of hers are just amazing.

Kelly Leigh
Kelly Leigh, no relation to the country singer of the same name, is an adult performer from Hollywood, California. She has made over 200 scenes and has worked with numerous websites.

Mikela Kennedy
Born in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Mikela Kennedy is an adult performer. She is already in her mid-50s but she’s still sexy and she still has the sexual energy that we just love.

There you have it, our list of 10 most sexiest mature pornstars and cam girls over 50. Please feel free to use the comment section below to discuss or suggest the model of your choice.